The Opportunity

As a result of the consolidation of its manufacturing operations, Genmab is offering its Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, cell culture manufacturing facility for sale. As part of this consolidation effort, Genmab has retained PharmaBioSource Realty, LLC to market the opportunity to acquire this 215,000 SF facility located approximately 15 miles from Minneapolis. This summary is intended to provide an overview of the facility assets available for acquisition. Additional information regarding the opportunity will be made available to your organization if you express a strong interest to explore it further.

The manufacturing facility contains 22,000 Liters of capacity and is located on 36 acres. The separate product development facility is located nearby and contains 3 X 100 Liters of fixed capacity as well as numerous benchtop bioreactors that provide technology transfer support.

Construction of this mammalian cell culture manufacturing facility was completed in 2004 for $200 million and is designed to produce monoclonal antibodies at commercial scale. The facility may also be utilized for the production of cell culture-based vaccines.

The acquisition of the manufacturing and development facilities would provide access to batch automated bulk biologics manufacturing capacity for simultaneous multi-product production. Highlights of the facilities include:

  • Two segregated manufacturing suites, one with two 1,000 L production bioreactors, and the other with two 10,000 L production bioreactors.
  • Flexibility to operate the 1,000 L bioreactors at 400L and the 10,000 L bioreactors at 5,000L.
  • Fully equipped product development laboratories.
  • Fully equipped Quality and Metrology laboratories.
  • Fully equipped Maintenance facilities, including sanitary orbital welding.
  • Excellent site infrastructure with opportunities for expansion, including the potential for the installation of a parenteral fill / finish line.
  • Genmab has retained an experienced expert technical team with knowledge of the facility and a successful track record that is available to the acquirer.